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Polyflue is the smart, safe choice for condensing gas fired appliances:

  • Maximum flue gas temperatures are 230°F / 110°C (over 50% higher than PVC)

  • 0" clearance to combustibles

  • No toxic glues or primers

  • Simple, easy to install product offering

  • 2"-4" single-wall rigid and flexible pipe

  • Environmentally-friendly and fully recyclable

  • 10 year limited warranty

“Inland Metal’s been in business over 60 years and we highly recommend Polyflue for high efficiency appliance venting. It’s much easier and faster to install than PVC, with no glue or primer needed, or set time. In some jobs it’s saved well over 50% in labor. The installation always looks great and most important, the product is far superior in safety.”
-Rob Craddock, Inland Metal


Satisfy all of your appliance venting needs with Polyflue.